Leishmania in dog

Message: Dear VariZapper team. My young dog has leishmaniasis and I was told 2 month ago that he would not live. I used the VariZapper 4weeks ago and a month on he is back to his healthy self. The vet just took a blood sample to check for leish parasites. RD-C

gatto Olivier

Cristina I’ll tell you the story of my cat Oliver, a Norwegian forest cat In August I realized he was ill, he was drinking too much water. They tell me that it is a severe kidney failure, and they suspect that it’s a tumor. My friend who is a vet tells me that he has … Read more

Cat1-Gatto G.L

Good evening. Cristina, I wanted to inform you that the treatment with the zappicator of the respiratory disorders of the kittens seems to have given good results, now it is rare that I hear them sneeze or have catarrhs, when I hear them I repeat the treatment and it immediately passes. With the injection antibiotic … Read more

Cane Alaska

My dog Alaska has had kidney failure since early October, his creatinine went up to 55 and after 8 days of fluid therapy, it dropped a little (40), but it wasn’t enough and Alaska was in terrible shape … So I asked you what Dr. Clark would do if you had kidney disease and you … Read more