Ascaride eliminato

good morning, I use the zapper for 5 years. In 2007 I had ascaris lumbricoides. Then I discovered the zapper. I did it 4 days a month and then once a week, I was fine, but since the Christmas holidays I have had stomachache with severe pain. So I zapped which I still do every … Read more

liver cleanse

LIVER CLEANING of 14-04-2018 Saturday It had been weeks since my mother A.C. had severe digestive difficulties, she used various substances to aid digestion, but the situation had become very difficult. She spent several hours doing nothing, she said that she didn’t want to do anything, she had been apathetic for weesk. She also needed … Read more

Leishmania in dog

Message: Dear VariZapper team. My young dog has leishmaniasis and I was told 2 month ago that he would not live. I used the VariZapper 4weeks ago and a month on he is back to his healthy self. The vet just took a blood sample to check for leish parasites. RD-C

gatto Olivier

Cristina I’ll tell you the story of my cat Oliver, a Norwegian forest cat In August I realized he was ill, he was drinking too much water. They tell me that it is a severe kidney failure, and they suspect that it’s a tumor. My friend who is a vet tells me that he has … Read more

Cat1-Gatto G.L

Good evening. Cristina, I wanted to inform you that the treatment with the zappicator of the respiratory disorders of the kittens seems to have given good results, now it is rare that I hear them sneeze or have catarrhs, when I hear them I repeat the treatment and it immediately passes. With the injection antibiotic … Read more

Cane Alaska

My dog Alaska has had kidney failure since early October, his creatinine went up to 55 and after 8 days of fluid therapy, it dropped a little (40), but it wasn’t enough and Alaska was in terrible shape … So I asked you what Dr. Clark would do if you had kidney disease and you … Read more


Hi Cristina, following the protocol and some dietary changes I think I had a reduction of the thyroid nodule from 0.77 to 0.65 mm. The first ultrasound is from February 6, 2018, and the last is from November 23, 2018. I continue with the suggested protocol. Operator social health p.s: the image is not very … Read more

Ozonated water

dear Cristina For years I have had 1 rough, reddish eczema-like spot on both feet, which I could control with ointments but could not get rid of them. I have now had a foot bath for about 6 days (about 10-15 min. in ozonated water and now the spot is no longer visible. I hope … Read more

MTF protocollo Clark base

I wanted to tell you that the treatment works: zapping, nutrition and the right supplements, make the difference between feeling very bad, and having peaceful days as I begin to have them again, with the hope that they continue to be more and more positive days instead of negative ones. For me, reading Dr. Clark’s … Read more

molte patologie neurologiche

I am a woman who has been suffering from chronic pain for years and who has had the following autoimmune diseases for many years: Hashimoto’s thyroiditis Sjogren’s syndrome Interstitial cystitis with consequent neuropathy of the pudendal nerve Stabbing back pain and sciatica after repeated surgery in the back area, including the last one that forced … Read more