Hi Cristina, following the protocol and some dietary changes I think I had a reduction of the thyroid nodule from 0.77 to 0.65 mm. The first ultrasound is from February 6, 2018, and the last is from November 23, 2018. I continue with the suggested protocol. Operator social health p.s: the image is not very … Read more

Ozonated water

dear Cristina For years I have had 1 rough, reddish eczema-like spot on both feet, which I could control with ointments but could not get rid of them. I have now had a foot bath for about 6 days (about 10-15 min. in ozonated water and now the spot is no longer visible. I hope … Read more

MTF protocollo Clark base

I wanted to tell you that the treatment works: zapping, nutrition and the right supplements, make the difference between feeling very bad, and having peaceful days as I begin to have them again, with the hope that they continue to be more and more positive days instead of negative ones. For me, reading Dr. Clark’s … Read more

molte patologie neurologiche

I am a woman who has been suffering from chronic pain for years and who has had the following autoimmune diseases for many years: Hashimoto’s thyroiditis Sjogren’s syndrome Interstitial cystitis with consequent neuropathy of the pudendal nerve Stabbing back pain and sciatica after repeated surgery in the back area, including the last one that forced … Read more

Lymes and zapping

My daughter now has lyme disease which she picked up on a summer camp. She has the classic bullseye rash on her hip and swollen stiff knees. Her physician has examined her and is sure this is lyme. We are following up with a blood test to have lab confirmation. As soon as I noticed … Read more


I want to thank you for the great work and the very understandable website. . My doctor, Dr Benoit from Eupen-Belgium, recommended zapping to treat my fibromyalgia. My ailments become less and less from month to month. I’ve been using the zapper twice a day for a week now, it works very well on stiff … Read more


By the way, years I lived diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, I experienced bloody drugs such as steroids, and HUMIRA … I had very severe effects from the Humira such as psoriasis and facial urticaria …  A friend bought Clark’s program to destroy parasites in E-bay (unfortunately not the original but the same ingredients and program) … Read more

couldn’t sleep and get pregnant

I was sick for 10 years, with many disorders, many symptoms and multiple organ dysfunctions.  I went to many specialists and many private doctors.  They weren’t able to understand what I had and couldn’t give a correct diagnosis. I took many types of thyroid medicine with different dosages for many years, such as Eltroxin, Eutyros, … Read more

Calcoli renali

Hello Cristina, I am writing this email to thank Dr. Clark and all of you. Finally I managed to do the urotac with contrast medium prescribed to me by the urologist and the result … the uric acid and oxalate stones are gone !!! So the only cure for my recurrence is to cleanse my … Read more