Wanda pulizia 2

I would like to testify to the success of my first liver cleanse. I expelled approx. 400 stones, without pain or discomfort! I intend to repeat the cleaning within the next 3 weeks. I thank Cristina who follows me with the various Clark protocols, cleansing and various therapies, aimed at optimizing health, strengthening the immune … Read more

Testimonianza Mariela

The photo I sent you, Cristina, relates to my fifth liver cleanse. Also in the previous ones, several slightly smaller “stones” have come out … … but still many !! At the beginning of February I will do the seventh in the hope that the stones in the gallbladder will be released, discovered by a … Read more

Liverstones Happy

Message: Hi, With Dr Clark’s method, I removed within five months more than 6,000 stones. I did the cleansing every two or three weeks. I was in very bad shape. please do study them and let me know what you have found. I know I still have some. I am trying this time to cleanse … Read more

Liverflush Binh

Subject: Liver flush  Message: Hi, I’m 42 years old. About 4 months ago I noticed some pain in the right blade shoulder and pain in the upper part of my abdominal, espicially after eating. During that time I had no idea what it was until recently I did some online research and found out that … Read more

Liver cleanse-4

Subject: gallbladder cleanse Message: So excited this worked, thanks Hulda! Now after my immune building I’m ready to do the parasite cleanse protocol…from start to finish completely. I’d like to journal it, do you have a part on your site that lets us do that? So many thanks team Hulda, if you want me to … Read more

Livercleanse 2017

What is your concern? No concern, just sheer joy! Starting yesterday until today I have abolished intense pain and released 22 liver stones by using the original Epsom Salts recipe. Fantastic! I used it years ago too and released 240 stones in one day too!! Fabulous. V.K.


Subject: Liver Clease Results  Message: Fantastic! I’m a 45 y/o male, 6’3, 225ibs; I’m in good shape, have a good diet and Ive been wheat free for two years. I decided to do a liver cleanse to kick off a two-month no alcohol regiment. I was shocked at the result. I followed the steps exact, … Read more


Message: i did the liver cleanse and to my surprise I saw six huge 1″ in diameter greyish brownish colored stones. Inside each was hard green gelatinous like substance. My back pain , which I have had for years, is gone Margaret