Breast tumor

Dear Cristina


It is very kind of you, to say that you are not getting impatient with my many questions.  Perhaps I could attend your next course…?  Perhaps we could meet up at some point this year (with Heike too?), to ‘blend our worlds’ or at least share knowledge…? 


I am finding that I am able to reduce the Gerson Therapy as a result of the application of the Clark findings.  This is because I am at last getting properly well again.  I am so very grateful.


One of the amazing benefits of the Clark work is that one is able to determine and select targets for focussed therapy application (homeographic drops, zapping, cleanses (including dental), food choices, clean water and clean product choices) and I am tracking progress using the Clark saliva analysis and the Gerson blood test analysis.  It brings a certain confidence amid all the uncertainty of tentative health.


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